FC Liefering vs Ried Match Details

15.03.2019, Finished at Red Bull Arena

  9'  Patrik Eler
  15'  Patrik Eler
  Dominik Stumberger19'  
  Dominik Stumberger28'  
  39'  Arne Ammerer
  41'  Mario Kroepfl
  47'  Marco Gruell
  Alois Oroz50'  
  51'  Marco Gruell
  David Schnegg52'  
  Tobias Anselm(Alexander Schmidt)64'  
  65'  Balakiyem Takougnadi
  65'  Julian Wiessmeier(Arne Ammerer)
  68'  Thomas Reifeltshammer
  74'  Stefano Surdanovic(Patrik Eler)
  Alois Oroz83'  
  Anderson Niangbo(Nikola Stosic)83'  
  88'  Thomas Reifeltshammer
  Ousmane Diakite(Junior Chukwubuike Adamu)90'  
  90'  Ante Bajic(Marco Gruell)
  90'  Ante Bajic

Match Report

Ried defeated FC Liefering in their 2. Liga match on Friday, 15 of March 2019 with the score of 2:6.

The match was held at Red Bull Arena.

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