Stockport County vs Dorking Wanderers Match Details

14.01.2020, Finished at Edgeley Park

  5'  James McShane
  22'  Niall McManus
  Euan Mulhern(Nyal Bell)33'  
  Elliot Osborne(Sam Walker)46'  
  57'  Ben Dyett(Giuseppe Sole)
  69'  Matt Briggs
  73'  Matt Briggs
  Festus Arthur(Jordan Keane)74'  
  79'  George Membrillera(Niall McManus)
  81'  James Dickson(Jake Gallagher)

Match Report

Dorking Wanderers defeated Stockport County in their FA Trophy match on Tuesday, 14 of January 2020 with the score of 0:4.

The match was held at Edgeley Park.

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