Paris FC vs Red Star Match Details

21.12.2018, Finished at Stade Sebastien Charlety

  Romain Perraud21'  
  34'  Mourad Satli
  46'  Julio Donisa(Jordan Faucher)
  66'  Mourad Satli
  70'  Matthieu Fontaine(Tidiane Amadou Diallo)
  73'  Gregory Berthier(Gregoire Lefebvre)
  75'  Xavier Tomas
  Fabien Ourega(Julien Lopez)78'  
  Fabien Ourega80'  
  Adama Sarr(Silas Wamangituka Fundu)83'  
  Vincent Ruefli(Lalaina Nomenjanahary)87'  
  90'  Matthieu Fontaine

Match Report

The Ligue 2 match between Paris FC and Red Star on Friday, 21 of December 2018 ended in a 1:1 draw.

The match was held at Stade Sebastien Charlety.

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