Red Star vs AS Beziers Match Details

09.11.2018, 2nd half at Stade Pierre Brisson

  10'  Aboubakary Kante
  Matias Ferreira34'  
  42'  Amir Nouri
  Idriss Mhirssi(Matias Ferreira)46'  
  Gregory Berthier(Julio Donisa)46'  
  Xavier Tomas52'  
  68'  Ibrahim Sissoko
  71'  Mickael Diakota(Mehdi Mostefa)
  75'  Amir Nouri
  78'  Ibrahima Savane
  83'  Ahmed Soukouna(Aboubakary Kante)
  Mourad Satli90'  

Match Preview

Red Star will be playing against AS Beziers in their Ligue 2 match on Friday, 9 of November 2018.

The match will be held at Stade Pierre Brisson.

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