FC Progres Niedercorn vs RM Hamm Benfica Match Preview

15.03.2019, Finished

Match preview

The National Division match between FC Progres Niedercorn and RM Hamm Benfica will be taking place on Friday, March 15.

The teams last met on Friday, 15 of March 2019 when FC Progres Niedercorn defeated RM Hamm Benfica 1:0. Dino Ramdedovic scored for FC Progres Niedercorn.

FC Progres Niedercorn is coming fresh off a 1:1 draw with its National Division rival AS Jeunesse Esch on May 12.

RM Hamm Benfica last National Division match was on May 19. It resulted in a 5:3 loss to F91 Dudelange.

FC Progres Niedercorn is currently ranked 4th in the National Division table above FC Differdange 03 and below AS Jeunesse Esch with 44 points having won 13 games and lost 8.

The leading scorer for FC Progres Niedercorn is Alexander Karapetian who so far has scored 11 goals.

RM Hamm Benfica is ranked 13th with 19 points trailing US Hostert and leading US Rumelange having accumulated 5 wins and 17 losses.

Leading RM Hamm Benfica in scoring is Bertino Cabral Barbosa with 7 goals.