Go Ahead Eagles vs Telstar Match Details

13.02.2021, Finished at Erve Asito

  Jacob Mulenga5'  
  45'  Vincent Regeling(Frank Korpershoek)
  61'  Roscello Vlijter(Anthony Berenstein)
  61'  Ozan Kokcu(Daniel Adshead)
  70'  Vincent Regeling
  74'  Tom Overtoom(Ilias Bronkhorst)
  Sam Hendriks(Jacob Mulenga)74'  
  75'  Cas Dijkstra(Niels van Wetten)
  Jay Idzes(Bradley van Hoeven)87'  
  Zakaria Eddahchouri(Erkan Eyibil)90'  

Match Report

Go Ahead Eagles defeated Telstar in their Eerste Divisie match on Saturday, 13 of February 2021 with the score of 1:0.

The match was held at Erve Asito.

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