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AFC Bournemouth vs Burnley

06.04.2019, Finished at Vitality Stadium

14:11, 03 Apr 2019

AFC Bournemouth and Burnley meet at the Vitality Stadium on Saturday, 6th April for a game that could be crucial for Burnley.

Bournemouth will be hosting Burnley at the Vitality Stadium this weekend for a game that Burnley cannot afford to lose. Burnley are just five points clear of the relegation zone and while this does give them some breathing room, they are tied for points with a few other teams and will not want to risk dropping any more points.

Bournemouth lost 2 – 0 to Leicester City last weekend and drew 2 – 2 with Newcastle before that. Their only recent win was a 0 – 2 defeat of Huddersfield Town, who are bottom of the league. Burnley have also had a number of poor results recently. They defeated Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 – 0 over the weekend but lost a number of games before that including against Leicester City, Liverpool and Crystal Palace.

The teams have a fairly balanced history, Burnley won their last encounter4 – 0 and Bournemouth won the one before that 1 – 2.  This time Bournemouth have the home advantage but Burnley are desperate for points, which could make this game quite a battle.