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Arsenal vs Manchester United: A Vital Game

11:35, 06 Mar 2019

Arsenal and Manchester United meet at the Emirates on Sunday, 10th March for a game that could be vital in the battle for a top four finish.

At present just one point separates Manchester United and Arsenal, they are in fourth and fifth place with 58 and 57 points. Both teams will be desperate for a top four finish this year and this match could be a vital part of that battle. While they are both vulnerable to being overtaken by Chelsea, whoever wins this match will have a great advantage.

Arsenal have been in good form recently, drawing in the North London Derby and winning their three prior matches. Manchester United have also been in excellent form in recent weeks, and have not lost a league game in a long while.

Manchester United may have the psychological upper hand as they have not been defeated by Arsenal since July 2017. However, there is a great deal of pressure on this match and Arsenal will also be aware that they are in far better form this season than they have been for a number of years, all of which should contribute to a very exciting game.