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Bayern Munchen VS Ajax: The two bears.

05:33, 10 Oct 2018

 This is a match to look out for. 

Both teams are fighting to make their way past the Champions League group stage. Ajax has won four of the last matches it has played this year with one Loss and one draw while Bayern Munchen has won all the six matches it has played. Both teams appear string. Looking back in history, neither team appear stronger than the. Of their last 8 encounters, Bayern Munchen has won 3matches and lost a similar number. Will the same trend remain? Who will win this time? This will be a meeting between two bears. 

this will be a fight between giants in their respective home leagues. Both teams have recognized their squad to include some of the most renown players. Will they deliver. both teams are currently undergoing rigorous training to ensure they are in good shape when they face each other next week Tuesday.