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Caged clarets looking for a way out.

04:33, 14 Dec 2018

It is yet another season and the Spurs started out strong but quickly took the 'also-rans' label pundits have given them over the last few years.

They have always had the ability to start the season with their feet on the gas but will learn to keep applying the pressure going forward. They are now sat 3rd o the table, within a striking distance of the two teams at the top. In Son, Kane, and Eriksen, this team has the goods to provide the kind of thrill White Hart Lane has always looked for-even though they are yet to get their pitch back.

Burnley will be feeling a little off, what with their 17th-placing on the logs. They have garnered only 12 points so far, and look a far cry from the minnows who felled giants a couple of seasons ago. They are on a precarious ledge and need to step up.