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Celta De Vigo vs Deportivo Alaves: Which teams is stronger

14:00, 13 Oct 2018

The two soccer teams, CELTA DE VIGO, and DEPORTIVO ALAVÉS have played a total of 18 games together to date. DEPORTIVO ALAVÉS has won 7 of these 18 matches, lost in 8 and drown in 3. Currently, CELTA DE VIGO is placed at position 7 in the Spanish league while DEPORTIVO ALAVÉS position 5. 

The match awaited match between the two will be held at the Beladios stadium in Vigo, Spain. The stadium is which is the home ground of CELTA DE VIGO has a capacity of 29000. The match comes on the backdrop of CELTA DE VIGO 2-1 loss against Real Betis. DEPORTIVO ALAVÉS, on the other hand, suffered a 2-0 loss against Barcelona, a situation that highlights the clubs poor start of the season. Will this trend continue? 

It is important to remember that some of the best results that CELTA DE VIGO enjoyed last season were at home while DEPORTIVO ALAVÉS have lost both matches it has played this season including against Leganes. With DEPORTIVO ALAVÉS poor form, one can thus bet that CELTA DE VIGO will carry the day.