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Champions League Quarter Finals Predictions

09:27, 22 Mar 2016

The champions league quarter finals draw is finally here featuring 8 top teams which are to battle it out with for the championship cup. From the draw the fixtures are as follows: Bayern Munich versus Benfica, Real Madrid versus Wolfsburg , Barcelona versus Atletico Madrid and finally Manchester city versus Paris saint Germain. 

Let's have an in-depth look at the upcoming match-ups:

Manchester city vs Paris Saint Germain

This is one highly anticipated match, a British team facing off PSG in a battle with high stakes. City is currently in the fourth position of the premier league and considering Aguero had a high scoring performance this season there is a chance city will continue a but with defenders Kompany and Nicolas still out on injury this could be a huge setback for city. PSG on the other hand got a great line up of players such as Di Maria plus dominating Lique 1 and putting up a great game against English team Chelsea in the qualifiers there is very little chance City will survive PSG. City’s best shot could be a 1.5 in the first leg in favor but PSG will definitely win the second leg. Read more

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid

This is actually the hardest fixture to predict this quarter finals, Both Barcelona and Atletico have nearly equal chances with Atletico only 8 points behind Barca in La Liga. Barcelona may have a slight upper hand considering the trio :Messi, Suarez and Neymar will be in action however history too does matter ,Atletico beat Barca in similar situation in 2014 and this could happen again. Generally however a draw or victory of just one goal is expected for each team at home , a penalty qualification is therefore a likely tie breaker. 

Bayern Munich vs Benifica 

Bayern is actually considered as one team that is likely to win the championships and in comparison with Benfica , there is a very low chance of Benfica proceeding to semis. Bayern had quite some struggle playing against Juventus but now considering Martinez is back playing against Benfica will almost seem like walk in the park.

Wolfsburg vs Real Madrid

Wolfsburg are currently in the 8th position of Bundesliga trailing behind Schalke for a chance to qualify for next year’s league . This fixture could be a wake up call for Wolfsburg to gear up their momentum though . On the other hand Madrid too has had a tough season with players like Benezema being slammed by the media and changing of coach to Zinedine Zidane. However despite these challenges facing Madrid there is a high likelihood that Madrid will triumph in the first leg and get at least a draw in the second leg. Read more

Overall prediction

The overall winner after considering all the teams that are likely to proceed to the Semis Bayern is a favorite to lift the championship’s cup.

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