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Coutinho the Little Magician Meets Alnwick the Mind Wizard

19:04, 28 Mar 2016

Dave Alnwick, the mind wizard, caught up with Philippe Coutinho, along with his Liverpool FC teammate Lucas Leiva to perform a mind reading session between the English Premier League soccer duos. This was a rare encounter, even with football fans knowing Philippe Coutinho as the 'magician’ on the pitch. 

The Brazil national football team players and Liverpool teammates were completely stunned by the outstanding wizardry played on their minds by Dave Alnwick, who has never followed football closely. Using a unique type of his numerous psychological trickeries, he simply asked Lucas to go first by discreetly drawing any picture on a piece of paper and holding it close to his chest without letting both of them see it.

Alnwick then instructed Coutinho to draw a picture of anything that comes to his mind by trusting his instincts so that he could match Lucas’s picture. Astonishingly, both soccer stars coincidentally drew pictures of houses, making the two Reds prove the magical abilities of Alnwick.

The Brazilian midfielder and Liverpool’s No.10 winger, Coutinho did not have sufficient magic tricks to explain the skills he observed during their encounter with the real-life mind wizard for the newly unveiled Liverpool FC TV show. Even though both star players could not explain the outcome, it clearly shows that even football is a mind reading game.

Reading the mind of fellow teammates is the best trickery any footballer could possess in the course of any match. This is because it gives a competitive advantage and point of strength over other teams and players. With Coutinho having a window into the defensive midfielder’s thoughts, this could prove his magic role in the pitch.

Even after their amazement for the Alnwick’s talents, the Brazilian teammates enjoyed their time with the magician, and brought together a new way of involving yourself in football matters.

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