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CSKA Moskva vs Real Madrid: Will CSKA save face

06:50, 29 Sep 2018

The two teams will meet against on Tuesday the 2nd of October. This is a EuroLeague match to look out for considering it will be meeting between two teams that are bear in their respective home leagues.

The match will be taking place at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. Both teams belong to Group G of the EuroLeague and each of them will be trying to proceed to the next stage smoothly.

It is, however, important to remember that Cska Moskva has struggled at home in recent matches. It will be a tough time for them as they face another tall order when Real Madrid come to Russia. Will they be defeated at home? They face another Stern examination as Real Madrid is the winner in each of the last there EUFA Champions league. Losing this match will imply opening their latest Champions league with a defeat. This will be their 12th champions league appearance, thereby equaling a record that was only held previously in Russia by Spartka Moskva.