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Kid gives Sturridge the finger during Southampton vs Liverpool

20.03.2016, Finished at St. Mary's Stadium

09:57, 22 Mar 2016

Daniel Sturridge has his trademark way of celebrating after scoring against the rival team; dancing animatedly and mimicking some sort of swimming movement using his arms. The same happened during the game against Southampton on Sunday after he scored his goal. Unfortunately, a young Saint's fan in a red hoodie wasn't impressed by the striker's victory celebration at all. He can be seen in the video registering his displeasure by effectively chucking the middle finger and gesturing towards Sturridge.

Luckily there was somebody mature beside him who was reasonable enough to push down the offending finger and read him the riot act. That was spot on wonderful. We can only assume that the gentleman was his father and was not impressed by the unbecoming behavior of his son. We can understand the boy's frustration because at that point his team was on the losing end. Still, that was not a good enough reason for him to direct such an insulting gesture at the dancing striker. 

Liverpool had a comfortable two goal lead at half time and maintained it up until the 64th minute when a resurgent Southampton started what was to become a memorable comeback. It is what makes the English premier league so great. So much can change within a few minutes and a rather initially predictable game can be turned on its head. Southampton eventually emerged victorious by beating Liverpool by three goals to two.

I bet the young Saint's fan in the red hoodie went home happy because his team had carried the day. Maybe, and this is a very big 'maybe' here, he learnt to appreciate the beauty of the game and embrace the fact that in football the opposition will always celebrate when they score against you and as a football fan the best you can do is wait your turn.

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