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Manchester United vs Valencia: Will the established balance be brocken

06:48, 29 Sep 2018

The two teams will be meeting again in their group stage match at Old Trafford on Tuesday the 2nd of October. The two team appears to have balanced each other as there has been little between them in their last eight encounters. 

This is despite the fact that the English side holding a clear advantage over the Spaniard in group H. of all their eight encounters, Manchester united has won 2 times, lost once and drown in the remaining five matches.

This will be a tough match for either team as they try to get all the point they can to proceed to the next stage in the competition. It is to remember that Jose Mourinho's side finished second in last season premier league and are in the group stage for the second year in a row and 22 times overall, just short of the 23 time of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Porto. They have won all they group stage matches last season. Valencia, on the other hand, is fourth in Spanish Liga and this is only they 11th appearance in the UEFA champions league.