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Match Preview: Rennes vs Jablonec

16:47, 19 Sep 2018

The UEFA Europa League is still in progress with two famous teams, Rennes and Jablonec, set to take up one another on the field on Thursday the 20th of August.

These two teams had managed to be automatically qualified for the group stage and this means that they must be pitted against one another in order to see who beats the other to advance into the next stage. In terms of performance, they are said to be head to head in the field which implies they have a similar level of performance and this means that the match will be tough and relentless.

The players from both sides have had enough preparation to get them into shape for an enthralling match and when the match day finally comes, the group stages will be merciless and unforgiving. Thes two teams are said to take center-stage in Thursday's list of matches and attempt to put each other out of the UEFA league.