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Neymar Playing For Limerick FC?

09:27, 22 Mar 2016

Neymar has quickly risen into stardom in the football arena for his unique set of skills on the pitch. In fact it is this reason that convinced Barcelona to sign the sharp striker and he has since proven his worth by scoring goals after goals in tough matches. 

However, football fans are not often always about the pitch work. Appearance is another overlooked aspect of becoming a great football star, not to mean it is overly important. Nonetheless, skillful attractive players get more credits and love from the fans than the rest. This must have been the thoughts of Limerick FC when they signed Barry Cotter. 

The 16 year old is difficult to distinguish from Barcelona forward Neymar and Limerick was lucky to snatch him just when Manchester United was preparing to offer him a deal. It is not his flourishing striking abilities of brilliance in front of goal or style of play that resembles Neymar. Rather, it is the physical attributes and characteristics that are quite similar it is frightening to look at. Every football fan that knows Neymar but has no clue about the 16 year old lookalike will immediately confuse him with the Barcelona forward.