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Olympique Lyonnais vs Nîmes: Will Nîmes prevail this time round

14:04, 14 Oct 2018

The two sides will meet again on 19th October next month as Olympique Lyonnais host Nîmes at the Stade des Lumieres. The hosts appear stronger of the two judging from the fact that it has won four of its 6 last matches, losing and drawing only once.

On the other hand, Nîmes has won only one with three draws and two losses. Will the same trend continue? It is important to remember the fact that Olympique Lyonnais is currently placed in the second position in the league 1 table with 13 points, 8 points shy of the top-ranked team PSG.

Nîmes is currently at position nine in the league with 9 points. This will thus be a wonderful opportunity for Nîmes to make important strides toward finishing among the top teams in the league. Olympique Lyonnais is likely to be looking forward to using this as a chance to diminish the gap between them and PSG. Which teams will prevail considering the high stakes?