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PSG look to circumvent legal hitch surrounding Neymar release

02:17, 06 Aug 2017

Attractive as money may be, too much of it could turn scary, as La Liga have realised as the Neymar transfer drama continues. When PSG lawyers set foot in Spain to pay the 222 million Euros that would trigger the Brazilian’s release, the Spanish league managers refused to accept the payment on grounds that it was probably flouting UEFA guidelines.

Obviously, few thought anyone could trigger such a huge release clause, and it was probably set as a way to ward off potential suitors. PSG will now look to pay the fee directly to Barcelona, who are tipped to be ready to do business. In some instances, players have had to pay their own release fees due to the complex nature of Spanish tax laws.

PSG want the star to be announced on Friday, but he is still at his Barcelona home with his father and crew. He has been unlike himself on social media in the last couple of days, giving zero updates on the transfer that has set the summer spinning.