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PSG to Target Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar

15:10, 27 Mar 2016

With the expected departure of Zlatan Ibrahimović from the French champions, they need a good replacement if they wish to continue to be dominant in French football. Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo are definitely the best candidates to replace the pace and power of Ibrahimović.

In the recent years, Zlatan Ibrahimović has been influential in their victory and quest for UEFA championship title. His much anticipated departure this summer would leave a giant gaping hole that Paris Saint-Germain will have to fill somehow. If you ask Zlatan, he would probably say that no one man can fill his shoes. I guess Paris Saint-Germain believes the same thing which is probably why the the club is rumored to target more than one superstar player. 


After Paris Saint-Germain signed Di Maria from Manchester United last season, the club injected pace and power to the final third of play thus enabling them to win the league title with eight matches to go. 

Would Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo be a good fit for Paris Saint-Germain?

Yes, because the duo brings fresh skills and pace especially when they need to compete in the UEFA championship next season to be serious title contenders. The two are considered among the highest rated players in football. 

Neymar is young and talented while Cristiano Ronaldo is experienced especially when playing highly competitive games in the UEFA championship league. The two will bring speed and power of the tricking force of Paris Saint-Germain thus enabling them to challenge big clubs such as Barcelona and Baryen Munich who have dominated for many years.

Of course Paris Saint-Germain, will have to spend big money when they need to attract these stars. This might be the most expensive duo the club has ever bought in the history of football. 

In conclusion, as events unfolds, the world will be watching whether Paris Saint-Germain makes a move by signing the two players.

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