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Tunisia vs Mali: A Test for Mali

12:21, 02 Jul 2019

Tunisia and Mali will play in the group stage of the Africa Cup of Nations on Friday, 28th June at the New Suez Stadium. 

Tunisia and Mali will face each other on Friday in the group stage of the Africa Cup of Nations. With the tournament having only just got underway, the teams have everything to play for and fans can be sure of an intense match. However, Tunisia is currently ranked twenty-fifth in the world while Mali is some way behind at sixty-two.

In the months preceding the tournament Tunisia have enjoy a number of wins, 4 – 0 against Eswatini, 2 – 0 against Iraq, 1 – 2 against Croatia, and 2 – 1 against Burundi. However, they did lose 1 – 0 to Algeria. Mali have had a less successful year. They lost 3 – 2 to Algeria, 2 – 1 to Senegal, drew 1 – 1 with Cameroon and defeated South Sudan 3 – 0.

The teams have only played twice in recent years. In 2016 Mali defeated Tunisia 1 – 2 and before that, in 2006, they won 0 – 1. While Mali are sure to give this game their all, it looks like they are facing a true challenge.