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Wolfsburg vs Real Madrid, which team will survive?

09:27, 22 Mar 2016

Both Wolfsburg and real Madrid survived the knockout stages of champions league and the draw that was held last Friday means that they will have to fight it out in the quarter finals. The tie was a relief to Real Madrid fans who wanted to avoid Barcelona and German giant Bayern Munich by all means. However, although many football fans have termed real Madrid as favorites to win this tie, many football analysts has said that either sides have equal chances of qualifying to the semis.

Wolfsburg surprises many

At the beginning of the tournament, nobody could imagine that Wolfsburg could go this far due to the fact that they tied with big team like Manchester United in group stage. However, they proved everyone wrong by beating Manchester United 3-2 and qualified for the knockout stage. The also saw off Belgian giants Gent without too much difficulty. Although they have not being doing well in their domestic tournament, the quality of football that they have shown in the champions league is a true indication that they are not their by chance.

Lack of intensity by real Madrid

Being the wealthiest club in the world and the club that has won champion league more than any other club, it normal that many football fans have termed the club as favorite in this tie. However the road has not been smooth for real Madrid both in champion league and in their domestic tournament. Rafa Benites left the club messy and although Zinedine Zidane is doing okay, the truth is that much need to be done to put the club back to its former glory. The club really struggled at group stages but seem to be much comfortable against Roma in knockout stage under the leadership of Zinedine Zidane. The club is heavily dependent on Cristiano Ronaldo whose performance is slowly deteriorating due to age.

Final verdict

Both team have great players who are very talented meaning that both cubs have equal chances of progressing to semi finals of champions league.