Chungnam Asan FC vs Daejeon Citizen Match Details

01.08.2020, Finished

  Eun-Bum Lee28'  
  36'  Seung-Sub Kim
  Jae-Woo Park55'  
  55'  Andre Luis
  57'  Hee-Woong Jeong
  58'  Young-Jae Seo
  Young-Hwan Cha61'  
  Philip Hellquist63'  
  68'  Yong-Ji Park(Seung-Sub Kim)
  76'  Ji-Sol Lee(Connor Chapman)
  Bruno(Philip Hellquist)80'  
  Min-Seok Kim(Se-Jik Park)80'  
  Won-Seok Kim(Chan Kim)83'  
  90'  Seung-Won Yoon(Hee-Woong Jeong)

Match Report

Daejeon Citizen defeated Chungnam Asan FC in their K-League 2 match on Saturday, 1 of August 2020 with the score of 1:2.

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