Derry City vs Bohemian FC Match Details

11.06.2021, Finished at Ryan McBride Brandywell Stadium

  William Fitzgerald(Cameron McJannett)55'  
  Jack Malone(Joseph Thomson)62'  
  William Fitzgerald69'  
  70'  Alistair Coote
  Marc Walsh(David Parkhouse)77'  
  84'  Alistair Coote
  86'  Anthony Breslin
  Marc Walsh90'  
  90'  Keith Ward(Ross Tierney)
  90'  Keith Ward

Match Report

The Premier Division match between Derry City and Bohemian FC on Friday, 11 of June 2021 ended in a 1:1 draw.

The match was held at Ryan McBride Brandywell Stadium.

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