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Arsenal vs Newcastle United: A Very Close Match

16.02.2020, Finished at Emirates Stadium

13:11, 12 Feb 2020

Arsenal and Newcastle United meet thisweekend at the Emirates Stadium for the twenty-sixth match of the PremierLeague season. Arsenal are tenth in the league with 31 points having won 6games, drawn 13 and lost 6. Newcastle United are twelfth in the league alsowith 31 points having won 8 games, drawn 7 and lost 10. 

Arsenal have been struggling to win gamesrecently. In the last month they have won just one game, 1 – 2 againstBournemouth, and drawn four, 0 – 0 with Burnley, 2 – 2 with Chelsea, 1 – 1 withSheffield United and 1 – 1 with Crystal Palace. Newcastle United have had verysimilar results. They defeated Oxford United 2 – 3 this month and Chelsea 1 – 0around a month ago. In between they drew 0 – 0 with Norwich City, 0 – 0 withOxford United and 2 – 2 with Everton.

Newcastle United may be worried consideringtheir recent track record against the Gunners. Since 2012 they have playedfourteen times and Arsenal have won all but one of those games, which Newcastlewon in April 2018. However, considering their recent form, this could be a veryclose match.